sic transit imago mundi

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breve momento ante oculos

perpetuo tempore in spiritu

sic transit imago mundi

et vita nostra

in principio imago ex aere orta

in medio per corporem figurata

in fine intra animam facta

simbolica sunt fragmenta ad unum convergentes

diabolica sunt copiae ad multipla divertentes

homo sapiens imaginis vim in artis protestate vertit

et coscientiam et historiam suam aedificat

homo insipiens imaginorum roboris servus est

et mente et animo suo deficit

neque mundis imagines plures estote secuti

sed animae vestrae unico sensu estote parati

ita imago fugit

ut anima refluit


a short moment for eyes

and for ever in mind

so world’s image pass

and our life

 at the beginning image from air born

in the middle by body represented

in the end inside soul became

symbolical are fragments at one redirected

diabolical are copies towards many spread

wise man turned image’s power in art’s authority

and build his consciousness and history

 dull man image’s domain is servant

and his mind and soul fail him

don’t follow many world’s images

but be ready to your’s soul one way

so image flies

that mood flow


 original imago “sic transit imago mundi” by Athos Mazzoleni per LeoneXIV


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